This is Project Moped Racer, steed of The Gauntleteers moped enduro team. The Kawasaki AR50 has been stripped, lightened and rebuilt by the members of the team. Modifications include hand made ignition loom, kick starter removed and blanked, oil pump removed and blanked (Bike runs on premixed fuel), CR80 exhaust, ported cylinder, derestricted CDI unit and SB air filter.

The bike was displayed, fresh from our good showing at the BMF rally moped enduro races in May (A DVD of which was also on display), and created a great deal of interest with both judges and other YouthBike competitors. The team were awarded the Wolds Bike Club Trophy.


This is ENGLAND! A patriotic entry into the competition, created by the Fordham Bronze Challenge Team. Capitalising on this summer's World Cup fever, the Her Che scooter is decorated top to toe in the colours of St George. Ironically England were knocked out of the competition by Portugal on penalties that evening just before the prize giving, still at least the bike picked up an organisers choice trophy!

You get to a certain time of life and suddenly gravity overcomes enthusiasm... Sweet dreams Wayne.