Mel's big banner!




New Coffee Bar, now OPEN



Geoff demonstrates the correct way to pose on a bike for Hello magazine



National YouthBike tell members about their event




Team Machine lineup




Volunteers' bikes lineup



Gauntlet team bikes are ready for scrutiny



For those about to bounce...




Getting busy




Look at meeeee!




Team Green




Nice portfolio chaps



Team LC



Best Portfolio, Dave could barely conceal his delight!




Team DT




Suzuki DR125 Project



The Amber Gambler



George, Dragon of Death

Public's Choice winner



Disco Snail



Ramsey Youth Club in full effect



Dizzee YouthBike



The public make their choice...



Wayne sails in... we should charge mooring fees!



Volunteers show off their machines in force



Thanks to Rich, Ben, Dave



Go on... Count 'em




Richard, Mark, Ric, Josh




Linda, Jon



Geoff, Rich



Mikey, Ravey Dave









Conor, Hip, Steve





'I've forgotten how to ride it's been that long'



Bouncy assault course off, time for the AGM



Bounce on!



Tony having a nineteen canteen moment!



YPs having a noughties canteen nouveau experience